Course Title Amaurosis Fugax and Migrainous Visual Aura
CET Number C-37040
Expires 12/06/2015
Type of CET Text based distance learning
Achievement and Reflection Through a series of modern higher order thinking assessment questions i.e. single best option, extended matching and clinical diagnostic quizzes
Up-to-date and Unbiased Written by clinicians with no conflict of interests and no involvement of commercial organisations.
Description for CET Directory Learn the aetiologies of transient visual loss, amaurosis fugax and migrainous visual aura, with particular emphasis the potential need to engage a stroke unit in management.
Target Group Optometrist, Orthoptists
Competencies covered
Learning Objectives Understand the pathophysiology of transient visual loss
Understand the time course as a key factor in making the diagnosis
Know the key features of amaurosis fugax and its management
Understand the diagnoses of migrainous visual aura and retinal migraine and their management
Number of CET Points 1
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