Course Title Cataract Surgery
CET Number C-37062
Expires 16/06/2015
Type of CET Text based distance learning
Achievement and Reflection Through a series of modern higher order thinking assessment questions i.e. single best option and extended matching
Up-to-date and Unbiased Contributor has n o conflict of interest. No commercial organisation has been involved in the development of this educational material
Description for CET Directory Gain knowledge and expertise on the technique of cataract surgery and its benefits and risks so as to be able to better inform patients who are undergoing the procedure.
Target Group Optometrist, Orthoptists
Competencies covered
Learning Objectives Know the importance of history taking.
Know how to perform a general and ophthalmic examination on day of surgery
Ensure awareness of key investigations e.g. biometry
Be able to risk the risks and benefits of surgery
Know the forms of anaesthesia employed
Understand the technique of surgery
Number of CET Points 1
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