Rila Institute of Health Sciences in partnership with the University of Plymouth, have developed a Postgraduate Diploma in Ophthalmology to be offered to students from UK and overseas.

The programme has been designed for Optometrist (MCOptom) and Orthoptist (BSc in Orthoptics/Diploma in Orthoptics) wishing to gain experience in the management of clinical and service aspects of Ophthalmology.

The course runs over approximately 8 to 9 months and integrates several components of learning.

Reading topics (available online) are assessed through a series of online Higher Order Thinking Questions and cover the essential elements in developing core knowledge and skills in Ophthalmology.

1-day workshop/lectures are held at the start of the course in London or one of our international hubs. This is structured to include lectures and workshops relevant to developing a sound basis for Ophthalmology. Additionally, there is a mid-term workshop.

Assessment is partly by continuous assessment of the reading topics and mini-tests, both carried out online. There will also be a final written examination held in London or one of our international hubs.

Successful candidates will receive the University of Plymouth qualification of a Postgraduate Diploma in Ophthalmology, and may attend the graduation ceremony.

For Full details and Applications Forms please visit:
Postgraduate Diploma in Ophthalmology

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